How to Embroidery Applique

Embroidery applique has become one of our favorite types of applique.
Today we're excited to share a "how-to" tutorial.
Materials needed:
Sewing or embroidery machine with embroidery module.
All of our embroidery is currently done on a Bernina Aurora 440 QE with the Embroidery module.
Glide thread for the top
Bottom Line thread for the bobbin
Floriani Embroidery Stitch & Wash Water Soluble Tearaway
We buy it by the roll, 12"x25 yards
Background fabric
Applique fabric
Cut the stabilizer into a rectangle jut a little bit bigger than your embroidery hoop.
Place stabilizer in embroidery hoop.
Place hoop on embroidery module.
Open triangle embroidery design into quilt software. 
Triangle embroidery applique design is available for free download here.
 Thread the machine with glide thread on top and bottom line on the bobbin. 
Our green triangle is going to be applique'd onto a 5" white square.
Cut the white square to size, starch white square and green applique fabrics.
From from this point you will follow the on screen instruction from this point. Your machine will tell you when to raise and lower the hopping foot, when to cut threads and when to change thread colors.
First your machine will stitch out the triangle shape on the stabilizer, this will be your guide where to place white background square. 
We like to use a dark colored thread so we can see through the fabric for placement.
Place white background square over stitched triangle.
Place green applique fabric over background fabric.
Don't worry too much about the size or shape of this piece, as long as it is larger than the triangle.
Machine will now stitch on top of the original stitch line a second triangle.
Remover the whole embroidery hoop from the machine and trim around the triangle, trim pretty close to the stitch line.
Trimming doesn't have to be perfect because this edge will be covered with satin stitch.
Return hoop to embroidery module.
Machine will now stitch a large zigzag.
Then the nice satin stitch.
Machine will now move to the center of the larger triangle and stitch an outline for a smaller white triangle.
After first triangle is stitched lay a smaller piece of white fabric over that triangle.
Machine will now stitch a second triangle outline.
Trim around that triangle and then return the hoop to the embroidery module.
Machine will now stitch a large zigzag and then the nice satin stitch.
Remove hoop from embroidery module the tear stabilizer away from the back of the applique.


  1. Very nice tutorial, something I would like to try.


  2. I LOVE machine applique. You have to trim really close to the lines if you want a real clean look: it's okay to occasionally snip the guidelines, as long as you don't cut the fabric into them.

    My favorite designs come from Planet Applique (not affiliated) - she has really good sales so they are super affordable.

  3. Hmmm, I do lots of satin stitch applique. I've not seen it done this way before though.

  4. Nice tutorial :) I need to borrow my mom's machine for a bit now!

  5. I tend to cut the applique pieces out first, so as not to waste fabric. My editing software has a print function which is useful for this. If you can't print the design, another option is to hoop a piece of paper or stabilizer and stitch that, without thread even; this will then give you a template you can use. Use basting spray to stick your applique in the outline stitched, then the satin stitch to stitch it down. This gives a nice neat result and saves fabric :-)

  6. I used to be of the mindset "save fabric" now I realize that all I have is a bunch of fabric that's up to 50 years old that I'll never use. So I don't mind 'wasting' a bit of fabric.


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