Adding Machine Quilting

This is the very first quilt that Mary made, she not only did a fantastic job piecing this quilt she also did a fantastic job of machine quilting it. She quilting some simple straight line, "stitch-in-the ditch" type quilting.
It looked great but Mary decided that she wanted a little more machine quilting added to it.
So, she sent it to me and asked me to add to her quilting.
So, I did, it was fun to add a little detail.
Thanks for letting me machine quilt another darling quilt Mary.

Click here to see another one of Mary's darling quilts. 


  1. Oh, I just love those little flowers! Terrific job on the quilt and the quilting!

  2. Oh, I never realized how small those white squares were until I saw the "whole" picture! Beautiful close-up of your quilting!

  3. Sweet quilt; love the fabric choices - and, of course, the great quilting!

  4. Love those colors! What a wonderful job you & Mary did on this quilt - it is beautiful!


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