Piece N Quilt's gone digital

Kathleen and I are super duper stoked today to share what we've been working on for the past half a  year or so.
Our new line of digital embroidery applique's and digital machine quilting patterns.

Ever since purchasing my long-arm machine six years ago I've dreamed of creating my own long-arm patterns. My journey into this began a few years back when I signed a contract with C&T Publishing/Stash Books to write my first book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting (pinch me, I still can't believe I wrote a book, or 2). I've been so pleased with how my book is doing, so over the past year Kathleen and I knew that we had to pursue the dream of designing long-arm machine quilting patterns.

Along this crazy journey, my mom, Kathleen fell in love with Embroidery Applique. She does all of her embroidery on her Bernina and if you haven't noticed we love to make burp cloths with embroidery on them. We've got a free tutorial here. While making all of these burp cloths Kathleen decided to start putting her creative mind to work and start designing digital embroidery appliques. 

So, with all that said I'm so excited to share our new website with you today!
This is the home page, the website has 2 sides to it, Embroidery Applique's & Machine Quilting Patterns.
The machine quilting side of the site currently features digital machine quilting patterns that I've designed. Maybe down the road we will also have paper pantograph patterns.
Over on the Embroidery side of the website there are several fun embroidery appliques. Ranging from food, to kitchen to sports.
Both sides of the website will continue to grow, we will be adding new machine quilting patterns and embroidery applique's weekly.

Kathleen and I are both super excited about this journey and are very thankful for all of you that have supported us over the past several years!

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


  1. congtats!!love your designs... i will definitely purchase if u go paper xoxox

  2. This is so exciting!!! Congrats to you and Kathleen on making your dream come true :) And what fun designs and applique you have created!! You 2 are quite the dynamic duo :)

  3. How exciting! I can't wait until you can do paper patterns. I don't have digital just yet, but seriously enjoy this moment. Celebrate tonight with ice cream and your family! What an accomplishment!

  4. This is so great! I have a question for you two. You said that Kathleen uses her Bernina for her applique. What machine does she have? I don't have a computerized one currently, but I was just wondering which model she has. Thanks.

  5. Congratulations....I only wish I had a digital longarm machine. Lovely patterns. I'll hold out for the paper pantographs for now. Best of luck in your new endeavors.

  6. Yay! Congrats on your new venture. I bet it has been fun working on these together. What wonderful designs :)

  7. Congratulations. I am so happy fir both of you. I will have to try sone patterns.

  8. Congratulations. I am so happy fir both of you. I will have to try sone patterns.

  9. Hooray! Congrats - everything looks so great! :)

  10. What a wonderful idea. How fortunate to be able to work together like you do and to accomplish so very much. After I've practiced a little more from your book, maybe I'll be investigating some of those quilting motifs!!

  11. Such an amazing Designs. Looking fabulous. Actually I am trying to make a unique Embroidery Patterns. Can anyone tell me How to Design Embroidery Patterns? I am new in Embroidery Designing.


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