Desired Quilt Tutorial

Desired Quilt
by: Natalia Bonner

Materials needed: 1 Objects of Desire Jelly Roll by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics. For Quilt top and binding. For backing you will need 1.5 yards material. Sort fabrics. Separate out 5 of the light strips and 6 of the solid colored strips. You will need one of each color except green. You must have two.Using the remaining strips sew 22 of them together side by side.

**Hint**When sewing sew from opposite directions for each strips, left to right, right to left, left to right. You will end up with a piece that looks like this. Square up the sides. Then from the left side measure in 10" and cut a straight line all the way through the quilt.
Cut one of your green strips in half lengthwise. Creating two strips. Sew the strips together end to end. Stitch the long strip together right side out.
Press the strip open so that the seam in in the back. This is your vine for the flowers. Take your five light strips and sew them together side by side for the vine background. Pin the vine onto the light background and applique by machine using clear thread or applique method of your choice.Take 5 of your solid prints and cut them in half. Creating 2- 2 1/2"x22" strips from each color.Sew them back together creating wide strips from each of the sold prints.

From all of the colors except for green cut 2 4" circles and 2 3" circles. You may want to add a scant 1/4" if you would like to turn the circles under. (We did.)

Using your clear thread (or applique method of your choice) applique the small circles onto the large circles for the flowers.Cut out 6 simple leaf petals and applique them to the light background using the picutre below as a pattern.

Also applique all the circles now.Take your vine piece and sew it into your strips that you previously cut.

Walla!!!! Your top is done!

Quilt, use leftover strips for binding and enjoy!!!


  1. Great tutorial - and very pretty quilt!

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Love the quilt!

  3. I just tried to print this out, wow, not so good. Tried several ways but can't get it all to fit. If you can post this in a pdf or give me a clue how to print it out, I'd sure appreciate it. I'd love to make this quilt. Thanks!

  4. I love this quilt! I'm working on it now but I was curious (it's my first quilt) if the applique will shrink and look funky after the quilt is washed?

  5. I adore this quilt! I have a jelly roll that I am making a table topper with. I have LOTS of strips left over...guess what I'm going to make with them!!! Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us!

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. I think I am goign to make this with my Objects of Desire JR! CUTE

  8. Thank you for the tute - I made this on two afternoons last week using Mary Engelbreit for Moda Baskets of Flowers.
    You can have a look at:
    It was so easy to do, ta muchly!
    Hugs, Jasmine in Oz

  9. I like your works, they are beautiful.


    have a good day




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