Crazy Christmas Quilt Tutorial

Crazy Christmas Quilt
43 1/2"x53 1/2"

Materials Needed:
2 Crazy 8 Charm Packs by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics
1/4 Yard binding material
1 3/4 Yards backing material or scraps Sort fabrics:

for applique flowers you will need ~

10 Red Charm Squares 2 Pink Charm Squares 2 Ivory Charm Squares For Corner blocks you will need 13 Ivory charm squares. All remaining charm squares will be used in background. Cutting:

From your Wheat Flour Jelly Roll cut 90 2 1/2"x5" rectangles. Cut the 13 Ivory Charm Squares into halves. Then cut in half again creating 50 - 2 1/2"x2 1/2" squares. Sewing:

Stitch Whet 2 1/2"x5" rectangles to one side of forty of the remaining charm squares. Stitch the 2 1/2" Ivory squares to one end of each of the remaining 2 1/2"x5" Wheat rectangles. Using the image below lay out and sew the quilt top together. Square up the edges of the top. I used my ruled and cut 1/4" out from the corner points. Now you'll have a square top. Using your Wheat Flour Jelly Roll strips add a 2 1/2" border all the way around the quilt. Cut out from your Red charm squares 10 poinsettia petals. Also from your pink charm squares cut 2 Large circles for flower centers. From 2 Ivory charm squares cut two smaller circles for your flower centers. Lay the poinsettias on the quilt and applique. We chose to applique by machine using a blanket stitch. Quilt, Bind and enjoy!


  1. What a great surprise! I received my packet for the Crazy Christmas Quilt in the mail yesterday! How fun to get a surprise package! Thanks!! Love it! Dianna

  2. Is there a "pattern" available for printout of the poinsettia petals? Some of us are not good at freehand drawing and sizing.


  3. Suze-
    I'm sorry at this time there is not a downloadable pattern. If you e-mail us we can send it to you in an attachment.


  4. copy paste to word or similar program, select all, increase font size to a size you can read

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely tutorial...I have put a link to you on my freebies blog...Khris

  6. There is no mention of a border or border fabric...? I do believe that your finished photos show an outborder, however?

    I did as pictured and ended up with a rough measurement of 38x45 and I was looking for the 43.5x53.5. Please advise.


    1. I think this is the border instruction, which is stated above in one of her steps: "Using your Wheat Flour Jelly Roll strips add a 2 1/2" border all the way around the quilt."

  7. Thanks SEW much, Natalia!! Love this quilt and it's GO! friendly!! :o)

  8. Thank you for sharing the tutorial for this beautiful quilt. Your generosity is appreciated. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  9. Oh, I really like what you did with this one. Thank you for sharing.
    NancyB in AZ


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