Doll Babies

My cute, former neighbor made this darling quilt for her new grand baby. I love it, the pattern is called Doll Babies by Quilt Soup.

 My picture doesn't do justice but her applique is AMAZING! It's all done by hand and perfectly turned under. She's also got a little blanket stitch around the headbands and it's so perfect it's hard to tell it's by hand! Someday I'll try hand applique like this, until then, I'll stick with the machine:)
*Machine quilting by Natalia Bonner.

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  1. What an adorable quilt! I wish I could do turned applique!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow!

  3. So cute. Yeah, I'd like to do the whole hand applique thing eventually too, but I think maybe I'll wait til I'm a grandma. Then I might have a little more time than I do right now with a 2 and 5 year old. :) But it's quilts like this that make me wish I could do this now. Love it.

  4. Adorable quilt. The applique is wonderful. I think she chose the perfect colors too. A++


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