Selvage Quilts

I was never into the idea of Selvage Quilts until a couple months ago. I went to my local quilt guild and the whole meeting was about Selvage Quilts. I was so inspired. I had never before saved my selvages but that night I went home and got out a little tote and ever since I've been saving every selvage.
So far, and it's only been a few months, I have one little tote completely full.
I've spent a little time browsing the web and I've come across some very inspiring quilts from selvages.
Here are my favorites so far.
Jodi's selvage quilt
Elana's selvage quilt
Q & I selvage quilts, would love to do this with a B
Vintage Spools selvage quilt
Spiderweb selvage quilt

If you've seen or made other darling selvage quilts please share links with me! I'm totally digging these selvage quilts!

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  1. I'm sure you are aware of the Selvage blog. She has a great selvage rug on there today. I heart it. I actually covet it.

  2. Those are some very cool selvage quilts! I imagine it take a good while to collect enough selvages for a quilt!

  3. I started saving selvages a few months back too and a m so excited to make something with them :)

  4. I think a lot of us collect selvages for that someday quilt or pillow. They are so cool! The links you put together are neat - another bookmarked page for someday! Thanks for sharing =D

  5. I Love keeping them. Some have such cute patterns on them =D

  6. I have also been same selvages for a "someday before I am too old to quilt" pile of projects!


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