High Loft or Low Loft Batting?

I pretty much always use low loft batting, not that I have anything against high loft batting I just don't use it that often. However, if a customer brings me a quilt to machine quilt and they bring their own high loft batting I am more than happy to use it.
This is a darling yet simple quilt that Janet made for her daughter as a wedding gift, she brought high loft batting.
I machine quilted her quilt with an all over swirly pattern. I love how it turned out. The batting gave it great texture.
So, do you prefer high loft or low loft batting?

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  1. I ususally just use low loft, but I never thought about it. What is the difference?

  2. I usually do low loft, but your quilt looks very comfy and cozy..I think it depends on how you'll use it..it's a hard decision..

  3. Definitely low loft. I used high loft on one of the first quilts I made, and it just did not look that great to me. I'm sure it is just personal preference, plus we live in Florida ;-) so the low loft is not as hot.

  4. I prefer low loft batting. In the case of this quilt - I like the texture that the high loft batting gave the swirls. Well done, great work.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  5. I think it all depends on how much you want the quilting to stand out. I use low loft, but it can be doubled if I want the quilting to be bolder =D

  6. That quilt is stunning. So simple yet the colors of those squares are just wonderful. I use low loft batting as I hand quilt.

  7. Wool batting is my preferred choice and I would say that it's a medium to high loft batting. It really shows off your quilting, it weighs less and it doesn't hold a crease like cotton batting does when it's been folded. It also washes easily and drapes nicely.

  8. Low loft for machine quilting, High loft for tying (which I do still occasionally do- mostly for baby quilts that I want to be really poofy and soft).

  9. i have one customer who looooveeess high loft. at first i smirked....but i am slowly falling in love. who knew!


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