Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! Blog Tour!

Hi all, and welcome to Utah! I hope you've had so much fun on your virtual tour, visiting California, Australia & Washington! This is so much fun touring around isn't it!

As part of this fun tour I've created a personal road sign. (the orange sign above) I'm thinking I should frame it. lol :)
If you're new to this fun book tour today I'm sharing Angela Yostens' new book, Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! Its a darling book that contains 12 fun projects for boys to enjoy!
Having a new boy in my house really makes me appreciate Angela and this darling book! 
I love all of the projects in the book but my a couple of my favorite are;Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew!  
the ONE WAY growth chart and the the adorable Cross Guard Towels. In fact I love the towels so much that I made a couple for myself. 
The towels were super simple to make, I probably made mine a little too scrappy, but that's okay, they add a fun pop of color to my bathroom!
Alright, now it's my turn to help you fuel your creativity and get you on your way. Click here to enter to win your own copy of Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew!
Have fun on this journey, don't forget to stop by all the other "Pit Stops" to see more of Angela's darling new book!
Day 1 (Monday, August 6): Stash Books (California) 
Pit Stops…
Day 2 (Tuesday, August 7): Sarah Fielke (Australia) 

Day 3 (Wednesday, August 8): Blue Nickel Studios (Washington)

Day 4 (Thursday, August 9): Natalia Bonner (Utah) THAT's ME!! :)

Day 5 (Friday, August 10): Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobsen (Arizona) 

Day 6 (Saturday, August 11): John Adams (North Carolina) 

Day 7 (Sunday, August 12): Vanessa Christenson (Iowa) 

Day 8 (Monday, August 13): Rachel Griffith (Ohio) 

Day 9 (Tuesday, August 14): Pat Sloan (Virginia) 

Day 10 (Wednesday, August 15): Lissa Alexander (Texas) 

Day 11 (Thursday, August 16): Angela Yosten (Texas) 

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