Rip It ~ Rip It!

Yesterday I had a great date (insert sarcastic voice).
I had the opportunity to spend 8 wonderful hours with my sweet seam ripper.

Actually to be totally honest, no it wasn't fun, I wouldn't wish seam ripping on anyone, however, it was so nice to just sit, and do almost nothing. I think I'm always running and never just sit. The first couple hours my kids were sleeping, it was so quiet, I loved it, I didn't even turn the TV on, I just enjoyed my quiet time ripping. :)
photo via my instagram

I also have a pretty sweet seam ripper that makes unpicking quilting stitches not so horrible.
It's Alex Anderson's 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool.

Seriously, this thing is awesome!

Here are a few stats from C&T:
• Flat-ended presser cap for finger pressing, folding, burnishing 
• Super-sharp BERNINA seam ripper for fast "unsewing"
• Pointed wood end cap for turning bias tubes and doll parts
• Extra-long stiletto protects fingers while pressing and machine piecing
• Won't roll off your work surface! 

I will also add to that, the tool is large enough that when holding it for hours on end your hand actually doesn't start to ache. :)

Available for purchase here.

Hope you all have a fantastic day! After "unsewing" all day yesterday, today has got to be a better day! :)


  1. Wow, you really did spend all day seam ripping... no fun. I've ripped out maybe a 120-inch seam at a time- max. What on earth were you taking apart?

  2. That tool sounds wonderful almost handier than the man of the house. Sorry that you had to do so much unpicking.

  3. Some days I seem to "unsew" more than I sew...in fact a lot of days...

  4. Ugh. I did some of that today. I want to get one of those seam rippers, maybe it will be in my Christmas stocking. :)

  5. You have my sympathies. I did that last week - about 6 hours worth. ugh.


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