Flower Quilt ~ Custom Machine Quilting

Stephanie pieced this darling, bed-sized flower quilt.
It's such a fun and happy spring quilt.
Because the quilt has several borders I machine quilted something different in each border.
It's a fun quilt to add little details to.
Of course I have to share a couple pictures of the machine quilting on the quilt back. :)
Thanks for letting me machine quilt another one of your darling quilts Stephanie!


  1. That is a fun quilt, really like the design and beautiful quilting.


  2. That is a quilt my Daughter by love would like. Great Job on the quilting.

  3. You must have had a lot of fun on this one! Curious... how long does it take you, on average, to quilt a quilt?

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  5. Do you use a different color thread for your bobbin thread? I see several differnt colors of thread on the front, but the back all looks like the same color thread. I have a longarm and was told to NEVER do that. Yours looks amazing. :) What weight of thread are you using for the top and bobbin?

  6. I love the asymmetrical design of this quilt and of course your jazzy quilting!

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