Marcelle Medallion

My friend Sherri, from It's a Quilting Life, pieced this awesome Marcelle Medallion quilt. Seriously, how awesome is this quilt!
She sent it to me for some custom machine quilting, I decided to go with some more modernish type quilting, lots of straight lines and pebbles to tie it all together.
I really love  how it turned out.

You can read more about this darling quilt over on Sherri's blog.


  1. It turned out amazing! You did an amazing job on it!!!!

  2. I watched as Sherri pieced this and was wondering how it would be quilted. Perfectly of course!!!!

  3. Oh, it's soo soo gorgeous! Can't wait to get it bound! Also, can you send me the bottom two pictures for my post. I have the top one! Thank you!

  4. love the colors, design and quilting! Well done, as always!

  5. Nice way that you to made the piecing shine in the quilting! What a fun quilt.


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