30's Quilt

Mary made this beautiful 30's replica quilt. Since she made the quilt as a replica she wanted the machine quilting to be similar to what they would have quilted in the 30's.
Mary sent me her quilt and asked me to machine quilt it for her. I love the final, vintage result. Some times keeping the quilting more simple, like this quilt is hard to do, for me anyways. I tend to be more of a heavy machine quilter so toning it down can be out of my comfort zone.
But, in the end, I feel the result was totally worth it. I really feel that the quilt looks true to it's era.
Thanks for letting me machine quilt your quilt Mary!


  1. THANKS! It was a Pat Speth Pattern made with 5" squares.

  2. Lovely job! Yes, the quilting sure suits the pattern. Mary sure seems to like it! I got here from her blog!


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