Maryann had a new baby granddaughter arrive a couple weeks ago. So, of course she needed to make her a quilt.
Maryann made this darling Giggles quilt.
I custom machine quilted it for her, it was a really fun quilt to play with.
Thanks again for letting me quilt for you Maryann!

A few facts:
Quilt is made from Jaybird Quilts pattern Giggles, available for purchase here, using Jaybird Quilts new Sidekick ruler available for purchase here.


  1. Perfectly adorable quilt, made so much nicer with your magic touch!!

  2. Lucky Little Girl! I'm still waiting for my 6th Grand-daughter to make her appearance. Her quilt is done and delivered. Your fun quilting just makes it better!

  3. Ahana arrived 10 days early so this was waiting for me at home after I spent 10 days enjoying new baby snuggles! Quilting is fabulous Natalia, thank you, IQ hope to get binding on and it off in the mail in a day or two.

  4. Oh! The fabric is the adorable Briar Rose by Heather Ross with a few solids thrown in for good measure.

  5. Looking gorgeous! I'd love to send you one of my quilts but it would cost the earth to get it out to you and back again :-(

  6. I love how you quilted this. I can't wait to get my ruler and make this quilt too. Fabulous job as always!

  7. The quilt and the quilting are adorable!


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