Little Single Girl - With a Bonus Free-Motion Quilting Video

I'm going to rename this week, the week of the single girl. I started out the week by machine quilting this adorable little quilt, a version of the popular Single Girl pattern. I've got one more Single Girl quilt on the long-arm machine and I've got one more to quilt, so it's officially the week of the single girl. :)
Jamie made this adorable little quilt, when she sent it to me she told me to machine quilt it however I wanted. So, I decided to machine quilt some flowers, some feathers, and then swirls and pebbles in the majority of the background and a few clams in the rest. 
It's such a fun little quilt, I love how it turned out.
While I was machine quilting this fun little quilt I decided to record a little video of me free-motion quilting the clams. I also teach how-to free motion quilt these clams in my book; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.

Just remember when you watch my videos, it's just me and the camera, and my machine, I'm a professional machine quilter, not a videographer. :)


  1. Love it! So excited for these quilts!!

  2. Fabulous! I love your videos, you do a great job, bring them on! Did you use stitch regulated for that piece?

  3. Love your videos. And ok that quilt is gorgeous too ;)

  4. Really pretty, and your quilting is stunning - again!


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