How to: Simple No-Sew Christmas Garland

Can you believe that Christmas is just six months away?! I can't! Time is just flying by. 

A couple weeks ago I made a new Christmas Tree Skirt for myself, (I'll share details on Friday) and I love how it turned out. Actually I love it so much that I decided to re-create a scrappy no-sew Christmas garland.

When I was growing up each year on Thanksgiving, after we all ate our feast, the moms would make crafts. Everything from sewing to painting crafts. I remember one year in particular, probably about 25 years ago, us kids got to help make a scrappy Christmas garland. I'm thinking that I was probably about seven or eight and I still remember being so excited that we got to help. 

So, I cut up all of my scraps and my kids got busy helping me re-create that garland. I thought it would be fun to share with you how I re-created my own garland.

Materials needed:
Rope or twine; determine the length that you'd like based upon the size of your Christmas tree. I made my rope about 25 feet long.

Scrappy fabric strips; cut your fabric strips 1"x6", you will need approximately 40 strips per foot of rope.

To make:
Cut your scrappy fabric strips into 1"x6" strips.
Tie the fabric strips onto the rope, push them tightly together.
Tie a knot in the ends of the rope.
Repeat covering the entire rope heavily with fabric scraps.
Wrap it around your Christmas tree and enjoy!

Fabrics used: Sparkly Tinsel

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  1. Just a green idea from my childhood--a lot longer ago than yours! Use strips cut from plastic bags from favorite stores or from dry clearner bags. They're shiny and they are weather proof. Bend a wire hanger into a circle and cover it with those plastic strips, add a bow, a holiday pick or several and voila! A wreath you can save or toss when the holiday is past. I confess I still have one that's 55 years old. Fluff it up and it still looks pretty good (outdoors). :-D

  2. Our Quilt Festival uses this type of garland to section off the Lunch area at our Quilt show. Smart idea to have the kids help!

  3. My step mother made garland like this for all of the girls in the family for Christmas last year. We got to pick out a basic color scheme (I actually chose fall colors instead of Christmas), my sister in law selected aqua, red, and and cream, and another selected red polka dots. Each one turned out so cute. She made them with the intention that we hang them on our mantles instead of on the trees.


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