Scrappy Quilt - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Teresa made this super cool scrappy quilt. When Teresa brought me this quilt for and asked me to custom machine quilt it for her she really wanted me to add to the little pinwheel that is created when four blocks come together. 
So, I decided that it would be cool to really play on that pinwheel idea and give the quilt a lot of spinning motion, it's so cool to see how much movement machine quilting can add to a quilt.

Because there is a lot going on with the fabrics the machine quilting really becomes secondary, which is exactly what I was going for on this quilt.
Thanks for letting me custom machine quilt your beautiful quilt Teresa!

I used Quilters Dream Wool Batting and So Fine! thread by Superior Threads.

Click here for more information about having me machine quilt for you. 
For more machine quilting tips and tricks check out my books; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting and Next Steps in Machine Quilting.


  1. Wow that looks great, that took a lot of starts and stops, or did you SID to the next four blocks every time? I finished a favorite of mine you and gave it to friends this morning, and they were delighted! Mesmerized in pink with all different grey blocks. I put your name on the label as designer. You can go to zipzop.nl for photo's. kind regards, Shirley J from the Netherlands

  2. who is the individual that pieced this quilt, you only give a first name attribution?

  3. I’d there anyway I could get the PATTERN for that quilt?


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