Introducing Flourish - A Fabric Collection by Natalia Bonner & Kathleen Whiting for Moda Fabrics

I'm so excited today to share our newest fabric collection, Flourish by Natalia Bonner & Kathleen Whiting for Moda Fabrics. 

Like our first fabric collection, Thrive for Moda Fabrics, Flourish is made from all the colors we love and love to use in our homes. The prints are mostly line designs based off of my machine quilting designs. The prints in Flourish are great as stand alone prints, or they can be fabulous blenders, they are great to blend with your favorite fabrics.

Flourish, like Thrive also features a variety of "low-volume" prints. These prints are fabulous for backgrounds and negative space.
We love works too! So of course there are word prints in this fun collection. The text print features several positive and inspirational sayings. Things we want to inspire us every single day.
To coordinate with those words, and a fun play off of our first collection Thrive, we've also included letters in this collection.
The letter prints come in four different color-ways and they're so dang cute!
I keep trying to find my favorite print in this collection but it keeps changing, they're kinda like my kids, I can't pick just one! So, at the moment this fun tiny little plaid print is my favorite, but that might change tomorrow.
These fun "apple core" prints are another favorite. 
The "deep blue" prints are so yummy too! I love the secondary patterns that this fun print brings to life.
I love the "checker" prints too! I can't stop, I'm so in love with this collection. I just want to stop everything and sew all day long with this fun fabric.

The prints are also so much fun paired by color.

Of course the pre-cuts! There is just something about pre-cuts, especially Moda pre-cuts that make my little heart happy. They're just so cute and happy all bundled up. Are you like me? Do you have a hard time unpackaging them because they're so dang cute?

Flourish pre-cuts come in Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, Mini Charm Packs & Fat Quarter Bundles.
Over the next few days we'll be introducing you to some fun quilt patterns that coordinate with our Flourish fabric collection. 


  1. I've gone all dreamy eyed Natalia! So flippin' gorgeous! I have to say the low volume ones are my fav's.........but hey who am I kidding they are all Delicious! Yup unwrapping precuts..so hard to do. Kiwi hugs xx

  2. Theses fabrics are beautiful. They are going to make lovely quilts.

  3. Gorgeous collection, especially the low volume fabrics. This will be on my must have list. Thinking of either a few fat quarter bundles or yardage. D. Weeks aka Momma Llama

  4. I received some yardage of these fabrics from Kathleen a while back, really like them, especially the grays and teals. Who is going to carry them?

  5. I love this collection. Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  6. When and where will these be available to purchase?

  7. Are the colors the same as Thrive? (except the red) I am looking for more fabrics to add to Thrive .


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