Holland Quilt - Edge to Edge Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

It's that time of year again. International Quilt Market is this weekend, that means our screens will be full of new yummy quilty inspiration. I won't personally be attending Quilt Market this time around, we've got a family memeber getting married, wait we can't wait to see all of the beautiful pictures from the show.

This quilt is a fun one that I recently quilted for Vanessa of Lella Boutique called Holland. The tulips are adorable, so cute that they actually make me want to do some curved piecing. :)

Vanessa and I decided to use my digital quilt pattern, Deep Blue, to quilt this fun quilt. I absolutley love how this quilt turned out. Something that I try to do when I'm quilting quilts with digital edge to edge patterns is play around with the size and scale. I actually quilted my Dart quilt with this same pattern, on the Dart quilt I shrunk down the pattern to 1" total in height and on this Holland quilt I set the pattern at 2" in height. I think that by doing that I was able to create a totally different fee with the quilting on this particular quilt. This one is backed in the Moda snuggles fabric and it just needed a bit larger scale quilting.

You can check out the quilting on the Dart quilt to see the differencd here.

Like I mentioned above Vanessa used the yummy Moda cuddle fabric for her backing. I love the Moda cuddle fabric. Being a long-arm quilting I highly recommend this fabric if you're wanting that soft cuddly backing. It's much easier to work with, and of course the texture that can be created in the cuddle fabric is so beautiful.


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