How to: Machine Quilt a PIcket Motif Quilt Block with Natalia Bonner - Let's Stitch a Block a Day - Day 258

Welcome to day 258 of "Let's Stitch - A Block a Day with Natalia Bonner

Today Natalia will walk you step by step through the process of machine quilting a Picket motif on a  quilt block.

You can check out the complete video tutorial here:

Check out this blog post for all of the details about the machine quilting rulers and products Natalia is using in this video series here.
All of Natalia's machine quilting is done on a Gammill 22" machine.


  1. Hi Natalia! I love your FMQ and ruler quilting. I'm seriously thinking about purchasing one or ore of your rulers, including your new "babies" minis. I have a home sewing machine, so these smaller rulers sound very interesting. However, I am uncertain about which rulers to invest in--bigger, smaller, etc. Could you link particular videos you have made that "show off" each of your rulers, so that we could see what each ruler is capable of doing? Plus, after we purchase the ruler(s), it would be very helpful to have these videos as a resource as to how to use them. Thank you for all your teaching!

    1. If you're working on a domestic machine I think you'll like the new mini rulers a litlle better, the size of them is perfect for the domestic machine. We don't have just one video featuring the rulers, because the possibilities are endless! Instead we've been creating this awesome series of 365 ways to use Natalia's rulers!!!! The videos will live on YouTube forever so you will always have them to refer back to! :)


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