Waiting for spring

I'm still waiting for spring, are you?
I just finished machine quilting the official bloggers Block-a-palooza quilt and it turned out fabulous!
I added a little detail that just makes the quilt a little more me :)
Since I love words on quilts I just couldn't let this quilt get away from me without some words.
It's done!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, do you like words on quilts?

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  1. Simply delectable texture! I love the circles around the text, makes it really stand out!

  2. very cute quilt - I love the flowers in the center.
    We are well into spring here and lately it has felt like the middle of summer - it will cool off again though in a couple days.

  3. Stunning quilt!! Love everything about it!

  4. Wow. That quilting is amazing. Do you do that on a normal domestic machine: :)

  5. I love that you added words, it's such a Natalia thing to do. Maybe I'll put words on this little handsewing project I'm making....

  6. I love words on quilts. i have one to send off to you next week. Its for a 40th birthday...help me to remember I'd like words!

  7. Great idea for the words! And I'm always impressed when anyone does pebbling! I know how time consuming that is.

  8. Yes, I love the words you quilt into pieces. I do that too with embroidery thread on items for family. Your work is beautiful.

  9. Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lettering!!! You really are such an amazing quilter. I did FMQ pebbling on my center panel, but it sure doesn't look as great as this does! Sensational!

  10. I love words on quilts as well and I love my slice machine for cutting out those letters so I don't have to :)

  11. AMAZING! That quilt it simply AMAZING! I love the colors and the words. You are an inspirations! Keep them coming!!!

  12. I LOVE words on quilts, and fabrics. The only problem is when they are directional on the fabrics, it can make them harder to use.
    Do you mark the words on the top or freehand it?

  13. I love words on quilts. You have to careful though. Whatever word(s) you choose will define the quilt for the viewer. Not everyone interprets words or sayings they way the maker intends. I like that your words are subtle! Kind of like having to read between the lines, quilting lines that is.


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