Loft {Machine Quilting}

Last week I machine quilted this darling quilt.
When Lisa brought me this quilt she wanted it to be super warm.
I most always use Hobbs 80/20 batting and I am very happy with the way it quilts and it's plenty warm for me but I think there is always a place for more warmth. 
So we doubled up. I used a Hobbs 80/20 batting and then on top of that we used a high loft Polyester batting. It gave the quilt lots of loft, which made for some really pretty texture in the machine quilting.
The quilt finished very heavy and warm. Perfect!

So here is the question. Are you a fan of high loft quilts?
Have you ever doubled up on batting?
Would love to hear!

Pattern for this quilt is Throw Me a Curve by Quiltscapes.

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  1. I usually use one layer of 80/20!

  2. I only double layer when my customer wants a show quality/trapunto look without having to go through the extra work!
    I only true trapunto my own. =]

  3. I do love a double loft for my quilts, I like the cushy, comfy feel.


  4. I have a few customers that love double batting...it makes for a thick heavy quilt. I personally like double warm and natural. And I love wool batting...that's probably my favorite. It is a medium consistency. Not to thin and not to thick.

  5. I haven't ever doubled my batting, but I am thinking of doing so because my daughter requested a 'poofy-er' quilt to take to college this fall so thank you for sharing your experience. The quilt you quilted turned out beautifully!

  6. Beautiful. I love how it puffs the quilt up.

  7. I love really heavy quilts, especially in winter, so have used fleece for batt and also have doubled up regular bamboo batting. High loft is really nice in some quilts but too much can look like production comforter which is awful.

  8. Very effective. What thread do you you?

  9. I often use higher loft batting. I think it adds just a little big more depth and warmth to a poject :)

  10. If I want a lot of loft, I ususally use 100% wool batting. It's so dreamy and easy to work with! Your quilting is absolutely fantastic!


  11. I've done a litte quilt that had double layers of high loft batting. It worked out pretty well. It was actually kinda fun to quilt.

  12. oh ; this gives me 'more' ideas !! looks wonderful !!!

  13. I LOVE high loft. I have used it for years. The only thing is once the quilt is washed a few times it loses the loft and just becomes soft and floppy, which is fine with me. Easy to snuggle under.

  14. Have not tried this...but definitely will try it one day....it gave such an exciting look of the quilt!

  15. I always love it when the pouf of the batting really shows off the quilting! And....it's great to see my own pattern come to life!! Awesome work!


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