I think I just made the biggest pincushion ever!

A few months back I decided to use some scraps, I know don't be too shocked that I actually used scraps, to make a pincushion. I pulled out these darling brights and made this super duper cute square pincushion. I just kinda made up the pattern as I went.  Since I live about an hour away from any place to buy something to fill the thing with it just never got filled. So the floppy pincushion just sat. Two weeks ago I got the crazy idea to finally fill it.
So, I think it's super duper cute it's just more like a weight, I should go weigh it. :)
I had to take this picture with two spools of thread just so you can see how big it is.

Well, at least it's super cute and very quick and easy to make! :)

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  1. Very cute! It could always be a child's toy, as long as you took the pins out first.

  2. I looove big pincushins!! Especially ones with fun embellishments :). Now I want to make some fun cushins!


  3. The title of your post gave me a good laugh! It's cute!

  4. I am curious, what did you fill it with?
    Very cute, love it!

  5. Very cute-and you could always adjust the size of the sides to make a smaller one-two together would look very cute (different sizes!)

  6. Adorable! I love to make pincushions, this one is super cute Natalia

  7. Very cute...and BIG is good..this one will NEVER get lost!! :o)

  8. I think I may have beat you...but, I found that it is my favorite pincushion! I can have a section for machine needles and applique pins and other pins...so everything has a place.

  9. It can sure hold a LOT of needles but it is perfect I think. The colors and the top is just to cute for words. And the benefit of a large pincushion is it wont get lost easily ;)

  10. FOR REALLY BIG PINS. Just think you will always be able to find it!

  11. The easier to stab it, my dear! I love it! I am constantly losing my pincushion under a pile of fabrics so this would be a good idea for me! Love the colours!

  12. Yes...a big pincushion...it's so cute, though!


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