Machine Embroidery

Kathleen and I have been interested in machine embroidery for quite some time now. We just never really had the capability of doing it. After Kathleen won her new machine from the McCalls Quilt Design Star contest she decided it was time to really learn how. Yesterday we took our first class at Daves Bernina and it was awesome! We learned so much!
In the class we embroidered this cool bird and feathers. It was so fascinating to watch the machine stitch the beautiful design.
I have wanted to learn how to do machine embroidery so I could learn how to make nice beautiful custom labels for our quilts. After class I came right to the studio and started playing around. I made this fun little sample with my daughters name and a flower.
The thread I used on her name was variegated, I don't think I'll used it again but the look.... AWESOME! I have some great mothers day gift ideas I can't wait to make!!

Do you do machine embroidery?
If so do you have any tips you'd like to share with us newbies?

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  1. I'm fairly new at machine embroidery too, but I think you're off to a great start! Taking a class was very helpful. I think that using the appropriate stabilizer for your various projects was the most useful information for me. I'm still learning and I was furiously scribbling notes during class. When I first began, my entire family was fascinated with the machine while it was embroidering. It was funny to see them all gathered round -especially my husband in his boots and spurs and chaps. Do you know about www.emblibrary.com? Lots of great patterns and good deals to be found! Y'all enjoy your new adventure and share your projects with us!

  2. I have a Brother embroidery machine and I use PEDesign software. I also use 505 adhesive spray (I don't hoop what I'm embroidering ever) and OESC stabilizer. I luuuuurve embroitique.com, planetapplique.com for designs. I don't know much about tips or tricks, except always double check your placement and make sure you have things rotated the way you want- saves you a LOT of picking out! haha

  3. I love my embroidery module and I have been embroidering for about three or four years now. I love to do things on towels for family members. I like to use a tear away for the backing to prevent the stitching being compromised with many washings. As opposed to a wash away leaving it to separate and the loopy towel fabric come through the stitches. Therefore distorting the design. Just one of many ideas. Have fun.

  4. I have been doing machine embroidery for quite a few years - and the best advice I can give is get the BEST stabilizers for the job. Get a variety of stabilizers and don't hesitate to use a couple layers of it for dense designs :) Also, my absolute favorite place to get designs is http://emblibrary.com - they have the best prices and best designs and an awesome website that is easy to negotiate. Everybody that i know that embroiders also loves Embroidery Library :)

  5. I happen to like the look of the variegated thread that you used :o)
    Nice design too!

  6. I have been embroidering for 6 years now and I love it. choose a good quality embroidery designs I love Emblibrary.com they are the best, Urban Threads.com are good and different than the rest of all. for stabilizers L like it on bulk (chiper) but good quality I have had never a problem from threadart.com and I love the thread they have, it works for me. I have a Husqvarna machine.

  7. I have been doing machine embroidery for about 15 years now.My advice to start out with would be to keep the stabalizers simple,start with a medium weght cutaway for knits and dense designs,a light weight tear away for woven fabric's, and a wash away stabilizer for doing lace.Come and visit my website to see a little of the embroidery work I have done.
    pictures are on my blog.I love making quilt labels with my embroidery unit...they look so beautiful and professional
    P.S... Embroidery Library is the best! They add new designs to their site every week on tuesday night.

  8. Will you be offering machine embroidering names on quilts in the future?
    I love the way Chesney's name turned out:)

  9. I've been doing ME for a long time. I agree with the others about stabilizers, it can make or break or project and different fabrics need different stabilizers. Practice, practice. Don't give up on the variegated thread. I've used it on Christmas projects and it was the perfect finishing touch.

  10. Hi Natalia, I have recently began a blog about machine embroidery.
    www.sayitwiththread.blogspot.com. I am spending the summer on some fast and quick projects.. Please drop by for a visit. Love your site.

  11. Hi I'm pretty new to machine applique embroidery designs. I love your designs though! And it's nice to have professional pictures to look at for those of us that are still learning!


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