I know I can.... I know I can...

When I'm not quilting I spend my time being a mom, well I guess I do that while I'm quilting too. 
This is my daughter, I love her to pieces but sometimes she frustrates me to pieces. :) Anyways she is finally big enough to ride her tricycle. She tells us all the time it's her bike "without" training wheels. In our neighborhood we have a lot of little hills and she loves to ride her tricycle on them. The other day she was riding around and having a hard time getting up one of the bigger hills. As she was pushing I overheard her quietly saying something. I listened hard and realized she was saying "I know I can..... I know I can" she repeated this a few times and then I asked her where she learned that. She told me, I'm a little engine. 
So, the books we read her she actually does listen to.

Okay, back to quilting. :)
Have a happy day!

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  1. that's cute! (She's heard her mommy say this on a few quilt tops, no?). ;)

    Steiger has the same little trike, and I think I've finally got him to quit screaming when he needs a little hlep... ;)

  2. She is a doll! And how cute-I know I can, I know I can!

  3. Too cute, they can drive us nuts and make us smile and we will always love them no matter what. My daughter is older now, but still drives me nuts;)


  4. Precious!! & Adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing her with us....

  5. Your little girl is adorable!!! I just love those mommy moments!! And what a great idea to write it down here so you have a permanent record of it :)

  6. What a cutey ! Sophie just learned to ride without training wheels and she will be 6 in a month ; so tell her to be PATIENT !!! and the hills won't help !!

  7. How adorable! I love the new design of your blog :)

  8. Very sweet! I hope she can keep that determination...I see her achieving great things all the while hearing "I think I can, etc." in the back of her mind.


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