Denyse Schmidt Clam Quilt

I spent the first few days of this week custom machine quilting this amazing quilt. Diane spent the first part of this year piecing this quilt, and it's amazing! Maybe because I'm still so intimidated by curves, or maybe it's the fabrics, but I just think it's adorable and inspiring!
I actually followed Diane on Instagram as she made this quilt, then she asked me to machine quilt it for her, I was, still am, so flattered that I was able to quilt it for her.
I chose 5 different background filler type patterns and just randomly machine quilted them in the clams, I tried really hard to never have the same pattern touching, but there are a few spots where they are. :)
Such a cool quilt!
Thanks so much for letting me machine quilt this for you Diane!
Check out what Diane is up to on her blog or Instagram.


  1. I was wondering what kind of thread you use? I know it depends on the quilt. I'm new to long-arming and have tried OMNI, but it just seems hard to decide to color to pick. So what color did you use here with so many fabrics. I think this is my biggest problem. I can find a great one for the front one for the back and the weight is off or something.

  2. thanks for featuring my quilt and doing such an amazing job on it. I cannot wait to see it in person and finish it for my bed.

  3. Very pretty quilt and quilting!

  4. ohmy...beautiful quilt (gotta love those Denyse Schmidt prints!) and the quilting...out of this world! Amazing, is right!

  5. Wow, your quilting looks great on this quilt. Amazing Quilt too.

  6. such a wonderful quilt and your quilting sure added more stunnign design and texture.

  7. I love all the different Prints and your stitching on it just makes it that much better. You are amazing! Can't wait to meet you in June!

  8. It really is fabulous and not something I'd ever attempt to make. Curves and I have not gotten along yet.


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