Medallion Quilt

Yesterday I shared a little how-to video showing one of the quilt blocks on this beautiful quilt. This quilt was made by Helen and she did a fantastic job piecing it.
I had a lot of fun custom machine quilting this quilt, I always have fun with this type of quilt.
Thanks for letting me machine quilt your adorable quilt Helen!


  1. Another fabulous quilt - I also enjoyed the video you made while working on this one! You are such an inspiration Natalia :)

  2. Beautiful and I loved your video! You always make it look so easy!

  3. Awesome Quilting. I dream of quilting like you someday. I enjoyed watching the video too. See you in Midway! Thinking of which quilt to put in the show...

  4. Love the quilt....and the pebbles & snails are great!!!!! Of course, I love it all!!! Hugs.......

  5. What a beautiful quilt and your quilting really makes it ever more!

  6. I love the colors used in this quilt. The use of the blues against the turquoise is dynamite.


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