9 Patch Block Exchage Groups

Here are the groups for the 9 Patch Block Exchagne!
I'm thinking that some of you may not have received my e-mail with your group info (my e-mail account is being super weird and sending some e-mails twice and not sending some:( ). If you didn't please let me know ASAP and I will re-send it to you.

Group 1- 10 blocks
Sherron Watson
Jeanne Probst
Brenda Blue Furnado
Karen Augsburger
Marybeth Rinzler
Barbara Valente

Group 2-10 blocks
Rachel Crane
Melissa Garrett
Paula Morganti
Jane Shaddix
Angie Lepsch

Group 3-10 blocks
Elizabeth Taber
Tiffany Potter
Natalia Bonner
Carol Turzink
Cheryl McWilliams
Rebecca Johnson


Group 4 -5 Blocks
Jenny Rowser
Cathi Travers
Paula Mendrala
Helenmarie Kulis
Susan Boland
Mary Slater

Group 5 -5 blocks
Heidi Stenger
Linda Fowles
Jan Roberts
Bradie Sparrow
Michelle- still need address.

Carol sent me this sweet little reminder that I wanted to pass along to everyone!!!
I think you might need to remind everyone again that we are
making 12.5 inch blocks and the strips need to be 4.5 inches
wide at the onset.  I seem to remember reading it once, but
I think it needs a reminder, Natalia.

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