I LOVE to be organized! It's been driving me crazy the last couple of years that my thread wasn't organized like I'd like it!
I've been storing thread in this, which was nice because it was out of the way, in a drawer, BUT, the thread was a mess. No matter how hard I tried to keep it organized it always ended up looking like this! :(

 A couple of weeks ago when the Moda rep came he showed me the latest catalog with some new Super Satchel Double deep with a thread cone tray! YES PLEASE!

 This is the new Super Satchel! I LOVE IT! I love that my thread can be organized by color, manufacturer and it holds so still. I can even tip the container upside down and it holds in place! I also love that the Satchel locks so no little hands can open it! :)

 This is the top Satchel with my favorite So Fine threads.
The old organization container made a great home for some of our favorite pre-cut fabrics! :)

AHHH! SIGH, I feel so much better now that I've got a little organization!
If you're interested in the Super Satchel please e-mail us @ customercare@piecenquilt.com

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  1. I sure wish that I had the organization bug, it would take much more than a super satchel to get me there! lol


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