Peaches, Peaches and more peaches!

Believe it or not, we can do more than just sew......well at least we think!
Whitnee came up with this great idea..... We should can some peaches! We spent all day Saturday canning,  204 jars later we are done! It was quite a little production but we got them done quite fast, I am very impressed! 
We started with 25 boxes of beautiful peaches.
204 Jars. (This is only about 100 of them)
We had quite the production line and even some great names for each of us.
John- Chef Ramsey (from Hell's kitchen)
Jeff- Blanch (he was in charge of blanching the peaches)
Krachel-Peel (she was a peeler)
Kathleen- Slime (also a peeler with slimy hands)
TJ- Ice Man (He peeled in ice water)
Whitnee- Pack (she packed the peaches in the jars)
Natalia- Sugar (I poured the sugar water on)
Chesney- White (she looked like white trash)
Lexie was sleeping so she didn't get a name.

Here is our beautiful finished peaches! YUMMO!


  1. yay for canning! I canned some pears this weekend. Peaches are next on the list.

  2. oh my gosh, 204 jars? you all are insane! ;) glad you had a good time- your peaches look yummy! :)


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