Are we the only ones out there that almost can't contain our excitement about this new line! It's called Authentic by Sweetwater and it's coming out this month. I feel like a child waiting for Christmas I'm so excited about this.
Now, for the ramblings of a quilt-a-holic..... Wouldn't this fabric be awesome for a block exchange. I'm thinking how cool it could be if we did an exchange only from this line. We'd end up with a really neat quilt!
Okay, enough rambling for the day. Let us know if you're as excited as we are!


  1. You should start a quilting bee! Love this line :)

  2. I love this line too! Makes me weak in the knees. Must sew to diminish stock on hand so that I clearly will NEED some of this. ;)

  3. love this fabric! reminds me of scrapbook paper.

  4. Love the fabric and would love to do an exchange with it too.


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