Alex Anderson's 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool

I recently received this AWESOME 4-in-1 Essential Sewing tool. I think I am a sucker for little gadgets. 
Alex Anderson designed this cool tool it includes a Seam Ripper, Stiletto, Presser & Turner.
How cool is that!
The Seam Ripper is a Bernina Seam ripper. I love my other Bernina seam ripper so I'm sure I'll love this one. And I love the big easy to grip handle.
The stiletto is longer so it seems like it'll be super nice for pressing.
The cap for the stiletto is flat, perfect for pressing.
Pretty cool isn't it!
Do you have one of these?
If not what is your favorite sewing notion?

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  1. I'm a gadget addict! :) I've never found a stiletto I liked, perhaps this would be the one.

  2. I bought it for a gift for someone, but haven't given it yet. Should I be selfish and keep it for myself?

  3. I do not have this particular tool but I have a wooden presser that looks just like this except it doesn't open - one end is slightly slanted and flat for pressing and the other end is pointed for turning edges. It was from Pearl Pereira Designs.

  4. That looks so cool. Perfect for travel. Everything at your fingertips. Now do have a like where we can find one?

  5. I have an Alex Anderson 4 in 1 Tool. I actually won it on thequiltshow.com web-site. It has become my all around favorite keep by the sewing machine at all times tool. I'm thinking of buying another one to put with my travel to class stuff.

  6. I had one of these and the tip of the seam ripper broke off.

  7. Natalia didn't y'all sell fabric in the past? I thought I bought some from y'all and was hoping to find some more. Was it somewhere else I got it?? Help...


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