Baby Girl Quilts

I recently machine quilted these two darling baby girl quilts.
I think the pinwheels on both of the are adorable!
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  1. They both are adorable! I love baby quilts...and purple is my favorite color!

  2. Sweet quilts, love the purple and green, especially. I'm trying to avoid getting involved with FAcebook -- I already spend way too much time in bloggyland!!!!! (Actually, nothing interesting to show except my stack of to-be-quilted tops.)

  3. Right now my sewing room is a catch all for the things my daughter will be taking to her new home when she closes. And since it's hard to get in and out, her cats like to hang out in there. It's also the home for the chinchilla. Nuff said - it would scare the livin bejesus out of you. It's hand work for now!

  4. Oh I love purple and green for baby girls. So precious!

  5. Those quilts are so beautiful. I love purple anyway, but those are just perfect.


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