A Simple Halloween Quilt

Gayle pieced this fun and simple Halloween quilt. The fabrics in it are so cute I think it's fun to just show them off!
Gayle wanted me to machine quilt an all over pattern, so I chose to quilt spiderwebs. They seem really fun for this time of year. :)
The spider webs are pretty subtle on the quilt top, that's generally how I like quilts to be quilted. 
But, since it is a Halloween quilt I decided to be a little crazy on the quilt back.
I used a fluorescent green thread on her solid black back, and she loved it, and I do too! :)

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  1. Wow, that spiderweb quilting is amazing!!!

    I thought of making one, but made a large Halloween table runner instead. You are making me wish I would have gone with a quilt! :)

  2. how fun! I do so love the back! Why not do something fun!! It is after all halloween!! I think the green just pops!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Great quilting -- what a perfect compliment to the quilt top! :)

  4. That is a wonderful pattern to quilt with and so fun, love how you used the special thread for the back, another fun idea.


  5. What a great idea to quilt spiderwebs. I guess that was a panto?

  6. I love the spiderweb design you did! I wouldn't have thought to use green thread on the back but I love what it does for the quilt. No wonder everyone sends their quilts to you to be quilted...you do such a fantastic job!

  7. Who would have thought. But it looks unbelievable.


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