Argyle Christmas Quilt {recap}

I'm still finishing up some machine quilting for others so today I get to share another one of my favorite Christmas quilts!
Last year I decided to make myself a new Christmas quilt, one that would match my bright Christmas decorations a little bit better.
So, Kathleen and I designed this fun, modern Argyle Christmas quilt. 
It's a pretty simple quilt to put together and I just love what it adds to my home this time of year.

Pattern is available for purchase here.

Do you have any big plans for this weekend? We have family Christmas parties that we are super excited to attend!
See ya next week!

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  1. Very nice and cheery!

  2. Another wonderful quilt.Congratulastions!!

  3. Love the look of argyle and the colors on a quilt, beautiful design. I plan on resting and getting ready for next week, that will be enough;)


  4. So pretty and creative Natalia, I love it!!!
    Merry Christmas

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