Machine Quilting Videos {on youtube}

A while back a created a couple of videos of myself machine quilting. I posted them on youtube and I think they are fun to watch. 
It's kinda fun to view myself from a different angle.... but kinda strange too!
Machine Quilting Figure 8's then Echoing & background swirls
This is the final quilt.
Machine Quilting Pebbles
This quilt is the final result.
This Machine Quilting Swirls video was on the same quilt.
The video below is when I was machine quilting my Daisy Delight quilt. I machine quilted background swirls over the majority of the background.
You can view the finished quilt here.
The Daisy Delight pattern is available for instant download here.
The video below is just another angle of me machine quilting the Daisy Delight quilt.

Hope you enjoyed them! :)

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  1. I've seen all of your videos and am still amazed that you do your swirlies super fast and one-handed!
    So do you just use your computer mostly for all-over quilting?

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing! That was both educational, inspirational and awe inspiring to watch! =D

  3. Thanks for all the videos. You make the quilting look so effortless and easy. Especially your pebbles, wow.. super fast!


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