Kitchen Chair Make-over

My sister has had the same darling black kitchen chairs for about ten years. The chairs are really cute but they have soft, off-white, cloth seats, and when you have small children that's not always the best thing.
Over the weekend Kathleen and I were at her house and the three of us decided it was time to give the chairs a make-over.
I wish I would have taken pictures of the whole chair but I totally forgot to until it was too late.

After taking the cushions off the chairs we removed the original off-white fabric and replaced it with the fun black and white zebra fabric. But, we knew that wouldn't be good enough to last a long time, so we then covered with a layer of heavy vinyl. I think they turned out pretty dang cute and I love that with the vinyl they will stay clean and nice for years to come!

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  1. Great fabric and excellent idea to cover it with vinyl!

    Another option would be using some of the laminated fabrics "out there"...

  2. Super cute and funky! Love it!

  3. Did you staple everything to the underside of the seat? I seriously need to recover my chairs and I want them to be easily washable. I hadn't thought to use a separate vinyl layer to get the look I want.

  4. Never would gave thought to cover them with plastic. Great idea!


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