A Sampler Quilt ~ Custom Machine Quilting

Laura pieced this darling, bright and happy sampler quilt. 

She asked me to custom machine quilt the quilt and she just had a few requests, no stippling and a swirly type design in the center star. So with those few requests I had at it with my creativity and I LOVE how it turned out!

Just to warn you, I may have gone a little crazy with the pictures but since I have to send it back to her and I won't see it again I have to have a lot of pictures to remember. :)
This first picture is the quilt before I began quilting. I generally don't share photos of quilts before I begin machine quilting but I thought this one was definitely worth sharing.
This is the before.
Below you will find all of the after shots, I have quite a few so make sure to click on the Read More link below to see all of the beautiful pictures. :)

There is a lot of detail, my husband thought that the borders were pieced, like piano keys, nope that's just the detail that was created with the machine quilting.

Each block is different, so each block is machine quilted differently.

Make sure to click on the Read More link below to see more detailed photos! :)

Laura chose to use Quilters Dream Wool Batting, I really love working with all Quilters Dream Batting but I really love working with their wool. It drapes beautifully but also creates such nice loft without being difficult to work with.
Another cool think about this quilt is the solid backing, not always do I chose to use solid backs for quilts but when I want the machine quilting to really stand out then solid backings are awesome! Because there is a  solid backing on this quilt I had to take a bunch of pictures of the back. So enjoy. :)
Thanks again Laura for letting me machine quilt your beautiful quilt!

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  1. Very nice quilting, awesome actually. I like it.

  2. This is amazing! You do amazing work. I am just finishiing a Swoon pattern with Urban Cowgirl. I am loving it, so fun! I have thought about quilting it myself, straight line maybe. I have never done a quilt this big before though and I'm a little intimidated by it. I ordered your new book yesterday and can't wait to check it out. I would love to bring it to you to quilt. Could you send me a quote for how much it would be? It's 80x80, I don't think I could afford a fully custom, just a simple pattern, fans maybe?

  3. Natalia, this is absolutely stunning! I love how you quilted it. Really love the borders how you made it look like piano keys and the way you quilted the center star was so neat. Thanks for all the pictures...I always love to see what you do. Can't wait for your book to come out. I will definitely be buying it.

  4. wished you lived near me, so i could get you to do some of my tops. This is amazing work and certainly adds value to the makers beautiful sampler.

  5. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing your work.

  6. Amazing as always! Thanks for all the fun pictures of the quilting. Gotta look at your book sometime soon...

  7. Das ist ein Traum!!!
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  8. Excellent work! You really added sparkle to the quilt (which was very pretty too!)
    Hope she enters it in a show.

  9. Such beautiful quilting, Natalia! I love the variety of designs you use...

    I have a question for you - do you draw your designs on prior to quilting, or do you just freehand them as you go? I'm just starting out with a long arm quilting machine, and learning as I go.... Relying on the kindness of fellow quilters to give me tips!

  10. You left me speechless.... again! Jaw-dropping work, I can't look at it enough! I love the details with the piano keys, they pop so nicely! Thank you for sharing so many pictures, it did turn out GREAT!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning! Super well done! Absolute perfection! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great quilting day.

  12. That's such a gorgeous quilt, she did a great job sewing it.
    Your quilting always amazes me! =D

  13. Thats some truely amazing quilting, do you use an invisible thread on top & in bobbin when you quilt. Actually I don't even know if it works like that with a long arm!!

  14. Just starting out with long arm quilting and having a tough time selecting thread color. What color did you use here?

  15. You did an amazing job! GORGEOUS!!!!

  16. Wow!! Your talent always manages to amaze me!! It is just stunning!=)

  17. Your quilting is beautiful and has so much variety. Thanks for sharing. Do you know how I can find the pattern for Merry Go Round, a jelly roll pattern? I would love to make it. You quilted it in 2011.

  18. This is really lovely. Was wondering, if you quilt with a solid backing of a different colour than the quilt top, do you use two colour thread? One for the top and one for the bobbin?


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