Petals at Quilt Market!

Today I received a lovely email from the ladies over at Fons & Porter Magazine. I knew they still had our Petals quilt but it didn't even cross my mind that they'd be taking it to Quilt Market.

Here is a shot of their booth, do you see it! Seriously, so flattered!

If you missed yesterdays post click here to read about this quilt in the new issue of Scrap Quilts.
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  1. Holy Quilts !!!!! HOW COOL IS THIS ??? Congrats on another milestone !

  2. Wow, it is front and center!!! Totally awesome for you :) You might just never come down from that cloud with all of the amazing things going on at Piece N Quilt!! You ladies are incredible!!

  3. Congratulations on having your quilt displayed, it is a wonderful piece.


  4. That is seriously awesome! So happy and excited for you!


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