School Spirit Quilt

Jen has made several quilts for her kids in the local high school colors. This time she decided to make one for herself!
I machine quilted this one for her. I kinda went crazy and totally played on all of the polka-dot fabrics that she had used, so I machine quilted pebbles. :)
She wanted me to quilt her name somewhere in the quilt, so I picked out three little blocks and quilted her name in. I think it turned out pretty dang cute! 

Here and here are a few other school spirit quilts that I've machine quilted.


  1. Another lovely quilt Natalia! I love how you put her name in the blocks! The pebbles are adorable! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Oh, I like this one - bold but lovely. Love the pebbles and their varying sizes. Looks like they add a lot of cool texture.

  3. I like the design of this quilt. I will be doing my first quilt for my DD and would like to use this pattern. Problem is I don't have the pattern.....is this pattern available or is there a name to this pattern that I could search. I see Jen made another one in turquoise earlier last year - it too looks fabulous. Would you ask her for the pattern (provided she is willing to share/sell). Thanks! I love your FMQ - I drool over it.


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