Christmas Finishes

Just before Christmas I finished quilting a few quilts for Lisa. One was a Christmas gift for her husband and the other was a wedding gift for her daughter. 
I really love the pattern and how it looks in different color ways.
I machine quilted both quilts with all over patterns, they turned out really nice.
If you happen to know the name of this pattern I'd love to know. It's such a cute quilt!


  1. I love the pattern also, is there a rule about what size you cut the small square to put in the corner of a large one,such as a snowball quilt? I see so many cute patterns, and just wondered what that math is. Thank you, I love your blog..,.

  2. I really like this one! I would like to know what the name of the pattern is as well!

  3. The second one is really a neat pattern that I have not seen before. I love the colors too. Pantone has chosen Aqua or something very similar as its Color of the Year this year. I cannot wait to see all the neat items we can create with aqua.

  4. Fun patterns! Love the movement in them! Hope you had a great Christmas!

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  6. I love both of these quilts. Your quilting looks fabulous too!

  7. Love this quilt. I would love to know the name of the pattern as well.

  8. Didn't the maker of this quilt know the name? Or did she design it herself. In that case I wonder if she likes it being on the internet?

  9. I love this quilt design. Did you ever find out the name and if there is a pattern available? Thank you.


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