Skittles {a moda bake shop tutorial}

I'm totally crushing on Vanessa's new fabric, Simply Color, it's just...perfect!
When I first saw that wonderful ombre fabric I knew I HAD to make something from it.
So, I grabbed a charm pack and a few yards of fabric and viola, I created Skittles!
I {heart} applique so much, so a little ombre fabric, a couple yards of coordinating fabric add a little applique....bliss!
And, of course I had a lot of fun machine quilting this lovely quilt.
LOTS and LOTS of pebbles! I love the look they took on with the circle applique.
Hop on over to Moda Bake Shop today to see the complete tutorial! :)


  1. It looks fabulous Natalia! What technique did you use for your applique?

  2. Love the ombre - though when I showed this to my hubby to comment on the quilting on this being "intimidating" - he said "it looks like the transporter on the Enterprise"... this is what I get for living with a Star Trek geek. (and of course now I MUST find the fabric and do it with a Star Trek insignia applique!)

  3. You have me looking at ombres in a whole new way. Your pebbles are so nice and ROUND! I'm going to my mini group's xmas party today. We are having a gift swap where we take turns picking and we can swipe what someone else has. I am taking your book, and I plan to come home with it if I can, lol! If someone else gets it, I will be asking Santa for another.


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