New Year ~ New Beginnings

I love the start of a new year! I love the feeling of a new beginning and a fresh start!
I have so many fun things in store for 2013, so why not start with a studio make-over!

If you've been to the studio lately.... you know it's been in major need of some help. The time just hasn't been right until this past week.
There are still things that we want to do, like paint the table and chairs and hang a few more things on the walls, but for now. I'm loving the way it's feeling!

These pictures are totally un-edited. There are shoes and a little quilt on the floor for my baby. That's what it's like quilting with little ones. :)
Here is a view to the left, I wish I could say that I take a daily beauty nap it that bed... but with little ones.... that doesn't happen! :)
Here is a view to the right, one of the big plans for this year is to paint that oak table. We've got a few ideas in mind, if you have any great painting tips I'd be more than happy to hear!
The new sewing machine area. It still needs a little help, like that white thing in the bottom corner is still a painting work in progress. :) This area has great natural light so it's really nice for piecing.
The area with my long arm. This machine used to be in a totally different area, and when working at it I was always facing the wall. We moved it and turned it so that now when I'm quilting I'm facing out into the room, this way I can see what kind of destruction my kids are causing.

I'm so excited for this new year. This is the first year in quite a few years that I've made resolutions. I made a big list and hung it on my bathroom wall, this way I'll be reminded every day!

Happy New Year!


  1. Wow you have a gorgeous studio area! I am super jealous! I wish mine had windows for natural light, but right now the only room for my studio is in the basement!

  2. It looks great! The daybed looks so inviting. I guess I am still tired from New Years. How fun. It is always nice to rearrange things and turns out to be a little inspiring :) where you want to try new things.

  3. Looks great! On your oak table. We painted one very similar to yours about 9 years ago with milk paint. Put it on with sponge brushes. The table is used daily & still looks great! We found the milk paint at an unfinished furniture store.

  4. http://thedomesticgroove.blogspot.com/2010/08/free-kitchen-table-redo.html

    This is a link to what I did with my table. Just an idea. GOod luck!

  5. The studio looks fantastic...I'm getting ready to paint mine, too! Happy 2013!

  6. You've got a beautiful room to create in. I'm envious of the space. I have to say I love the little baby quilt on the wall. It reminds me of one I made years ago from a Simplicity pattern (I think). Cute. Happy New Year.


  7. Wow, Natalia! You are so lucky to have such a big space! Is this a part of your house, like the attic or basement? Or is it a completely separate building you have to take your kids to everyday?

  8. You have a gorgeous work space. I don't know anything about painting furniture but I bet it will look great when you're done. Happy New Year!

  9. o have mercy all that space.... GGEESSSHHHH I'm JEALOUS!

  10. Wide open spaces with no cats or dogs! I LOVE it!!! The quilts all over the room just make me want it all the more!


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