Blue & White Quilt

For the past few years Joan has been making quilts for each of her grandchildren as wedding gifts, each has been different. I think it's such a cool treasure for her grandchildren.
This quilt is all made from half square triangles. Since the quilt doesn't have as much going on as some of the other quilts that she's made she asked me to machine quilt the quilt with an all over pattern using contrasting thread. Most often I use thread that will blend, but on occasion I use a contrasting thread. In this case we chose dark blue thread. I really love the added detail that the machine quilting gave to this quilt.
Thanks for letting me machine quilt another one of your darling quilts Joan!


  1. Her vision paid off! It is beautiful. Her grandchildren are very fortunate. This one, esp., will be absolutely delighted!

  2. Beautiful quilt and quilting. One of these days I am going to make a blue and white quilt. Such a striking combination.

  3. What a treasure indeed! I love the simplicity of this quilt, and as always, your machine quilting is beautiful! :)

  4. Beautiful quilt and fantastic quilting! What a treasure!


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