Little Girl Dresses

Last week when I was teaching somehow the topic of making clothing for our kids came up. In the conversation Beth and I talked about how our moms made lots of little matchy-matchy dresses when we were little. We loved them. Beth now, as a mother makes them for her daughters, me, not so much, the thought of sewing clothing freaks me out! I've tried, like twice and it just wasn't happening for me. :)

Last week, Kathleen, my mom, had a little bit of time to do some sewing, just for fun, so she made matchy-matchy dresses for all of her granddaughters.
When I saw the little dresses I fell in love! I had big plans to take some darling pictures of the little girls to show off their dresses..... well, as you can see, that DIDN'T happen. My models didn't want to cooperate. :)
Two of the little girls live far away so we haven't even gotten to see them in their cute dresses, but I can't wait!
This was how my photo shoot went.... .yes they have minds of their own. Just ignore the strange poses and look at how adorable the dresses are.
Fabric shown is by Art Gallery Fabrics.


  1. They are so cute and you can tell they love their flouncy dresses! I love the leggings with them. I work in an elementary school and on nonuniform days too many little girls wear such grownup clothes. Yet they all love flouncy dresses on picture day!

  2. I love those pictures! We can all relate to photo shoots not going quite according to plan!! You can tell the girls love those pretty dresses. Who wouldn't? They are gorgeous

  3. Sweet little girls and the dresses are super cute! I love their little pictures. Too cute!

  4. Those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! And the girls are so cute - almost makes me wish my girls were little again... nope - don't think I could survive another go at the teenage years! Thanks for sharing!

  5. They are absolutely beautiful and your pictures are sooooo sweet!

  6. How fantastic! Lovely dresses, the little girls look beautiful.

  7. So adorable!! Your mom did a fantastic job!!

  8. I made dresses for my girls until they wouldn't let me anymore. I am inspired to make dresses for the two grand-daughters having a joint Birthday party this week-end. Very Cute! My DD#`1 calls them "samers"


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