Quilting for Myself!

These days it seems like it's not very often that I machine quilt anything that I actually get to keep, or better yet, just for the heck of it.
Well, today, I made a point of machine quilting a little something for myself.
My daughter was at swimming lessons and my baby was sleeping so things here were moving quite smoothly. :) I never get quiet time like that. 

A few years back I machine quilted a chevron pattern for the first time, ever since that day I have been wanting to quilt something of my own with chevrons. Today I machine quilted the chevrons on one of my "fresh mini quilts". 
I love how it's looking!

I hope to have Kathleen attach the bindings on all 3 later this week and then I'll share more pictures!
Hope you're all having a great Monday!


  1. What little you showed here is certainly pretty. Glad you are doing a little something for yourself for a change. Looking forward to seeing it full sized!! ~karen

  2. I fee the same way. It is nice that you snuck in a little quilting for yourself. I love the quilt and it will be cute when you get it all finished.

  3. love this....definitely on my to do list ! thanks!

  4. I am really loving this quilting design:) Glad you were able to have some "me" sewing time! Sometimes commissions can bog one down. They are really great to do and appreciated by the recipient of course,don't get me wrong,but sometimes a simple project for the heck of it is SOO fun!!

  5. Good for you! I love the fabric and the pattern - what we can see. It is beautiful!


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