Kelly Marie Quilt

It's a fun quilt with a modern yet traditional feel.
Kimberly brought it to me and asked for some modern custom machine quilting, something to really make those white squares pop and give the quilt a more modern feeling.

I think it turned out really cool!
Take a minute to hop over to Main Street Market Designs to see all of Kimberly's beautiful quilts.


  1. This is just stunning!! You did an amazing job with the quilting!!

  2. Wow....love both the quilt and the quilting.

  3. HI Natalia. I have loved the last few quilts you've quilted. So amazing. All of them are but really loved the last several in particular. Would you tell me what fabric line this is from? thanks

  4. I love this design and the colors! Fabulous! What fabric line is it? I may have to steal this color pallette.

  5. That is a fantastic quilt. Love the navy prints. What line did the come from? The quilting is a perfect fit.

  6. This is an awesome quilting job Natalia! I love the way you did the horizontal quilting! Question - Did you start and stop the lines when you met the stars each time? or did you step down around the edge? I really love how you played inside the star too. So awesome :)


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