Quick Quilting Tips & Tricks!

My friend Amy of Diary of a Quilter has put together a fun little blog-hop, Quick Quilting Tips & Tricks!

I am not a perfect piecer by any means, but I do believe there are a few tips and tricks that can help all of us to end up with the result we all want!
A few years back I shared a fun little tutorial, How-to: Properly Attach a Border or Sashing. I thought it'd be fun today to share that again.
Being a long-arm machine quilter something that makes my job difficult is borders not being attached correctly. Often borders are just put on without measuring, which can result in waving borders, which makes my job very difficult, and makes it hard for a long-arm quilter to make your quilt look fabulous!
So, my little tip today, just make sure you're always attaching your borders correctly. :)

Amy- the host of this little tour is the author of a new book; Fabulously Fast Quilts. I was lucky enough to machine quilt one of the quilts in this book for her. The quilts and patterns in this book are fabulous, make sure to check it out!
Hop over to Amy's blog and check out all of the other Quick Quilting Tips & Tricks!

Have a great day!

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  1. I hear you! I saw a Wavy edged quilt on my Friend's Longarm that she had to take off the frame and re-do cutting out 8" of excess fabric. This was only on one side, the opposite side wasn't as bad. I would add that when cutting the Blob 'o Border- it is best to measure across the center of the quilt to get the best measurement and cut it to that measurement. PIN, PIN, PIN at the Half, quarter, and eighth points on the border. I put the Border on the bottom to stitch and let the feed dogs do the work.


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