Combining the Silhouette Cameo with Quilting

A few weeks back, the crew from Silhouette came to our studio and spent the day with us chatting about the Silhouette and the cool ways we can use it with quilting.

You all know how much Kathleen and I love embroidery applique, this nifty little device has made cutting applique pieces such a breeze!

Take a second and watch the little video where I share my thoughts about the Silhouette Cameo.
In the video I'm working on this Sail Away quilt, PDF pattern is available for purchase here.


  1. That's pretty awesome, Natalia!! You're a star!

  2. I have had a silhouette for 6 years. I love mine I use it for so many things.

  3. I saw this quilt at market! It was gorgeous. You look awesome in the video too!

  4. Great video. I too love my Silhouette Cameo for quilting and machine embroidery.


  5. Awesome quilt ; awesome video !! LOVE the house, of course !!!!

  6. Have you tried it for quilt blocks? I'm not really into applique but I'm wondering if starching my fabric to cut quilt blocks on it is going to be super tedious. I would only do those with intricate curves, since otherwise I could just cut it myself quickly. Just wondered if you had an experience/thoughts. Thanks!


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