Cross - Odds & Ends Quilt

Yesterday I finished up the machine quilting on this cool quilt for Jamie. When Jamie sent me this quilt she told me I could machine quilt it however I wanted, she just thought it needed something custom. I agreed, so I had my way with this. 
I decided to machine quilt flowers in the yellow cross, then fill in the background with pebbles and swirls and then free-motion quilt four other designs alternating in the strips. 
I love how it turned out, alternating patterns can really create some cool textures, and don't we all love texture!
I used Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe Batting in this quilt, I love the way that the Quilter Dream Batting quilts.
I teach how-to free-motion quilt these patterns in my book; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting.


  1. Love how the quilting enhances it, it's perfect! I wish I was as creative as you.

  2. The flowers in the white field are spectacular.

  3. Very very cool - well done both of you! Nice to see something a bit different in the quilt design.

  4. Love the flowers and pebbles....

  5. Gorgeous quilting as usual! Do you think that you would be able to get the name of this quilt and its designer, please? I'd love to make this quilt. I did a google search, but this particular quilt didn't come up in my search results. Thanks so much!


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